Investment Opportunities

A Little Investment Worth Big Consideration

Like any vacation rental home, park models can become a valuable asset. These economical escapes appeal to a variety of people seeking refuge, adventure, or a combination of the two. Here’s an overview of occasions that inspire long- and short-term renters to book a park model, making these small hideaways an investment worth considering for campground and resort owners, developers, and community owners.

Park Models Offer A More Affordable Getaway

For both owners and people who book park model getaways, these homes are big on one thing: Value. With king size beds, dual vanity sinks, running water and plumbing, full-size showers and even dishwashers, the amenities inside park models make them perfect for gatherings of all kinds, including:

  • Family vacations
  • Outdoor adventures
  • Hunting or fishing excursions
  • Cozy romantic getaways
  • Kid-friendly fun
  • Small group retreats
  • Writing retreats
  • Holiday lodging
  • Road trip lodging

Where Park Models Thrive

Like any coveted vacation home, park models are an investment that, with time and thoughtful placement, can pay off. Of course, location matters. Whether it’s a family-friendly campground or RV resort—even private property, if and where allowed by law—park models, while small, tend to draw a crowd.


Campground developers and owners can take the concept of glamping to new heights by offering campers a stay in a farmhouse- or cabin-inspired park model—camping that feels rustic, and gets you closer to nature, yet comes with all the comforts of home. Park models provide a no-compromise camping experience that can draw higher nightly rates than a tent or RV site alone.

RV Parks and Resort Parks

RV Resorts and Resort Parks are another perfect place where park models can offer access to the outdoor adventures people crave—even people who are not ready to make the long-term commitment to owning their own RV. With additional on-site amenities to offer guests such as swimming pools, restaurants, and kid-friendly activities, there’s almost no limit to the various vacationing groups these homes can satisfy.

RV Living Communities

Seasonal or longer-term rentals in RV living parks are yet one more place where park models can provide a modern alternative to tiny homes, or to a more traditional RV or manufactured home option. From retirees who enjoy migrating around the country from season to season to individuals and families seeking an affordable, temporary stay, park models are an accommodating solution.

On Private Property

First and foremost, note that private property must be zoned to standards to house a Park Model or PMRV. See Zoning & Regulation for more info. Imagine a Park Model on private property offered as a romantic escape, easy overnight stay for those passing through while on the road, or even as a home base of sorts for event support and preparation on land where events, such as weddings, may take place. As long as your property is zoned for a PMRV, and the use of your Park Model falls into those zoning regulations, the possibilities are almost endless.

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